Living in a student home in Vienna has various advantages. One of them being the fact that there are heaps of great parties and there is always something going on. But what if all your housemates need to study and you still want to go big? Being an international student in a new city can be very confusing – the right choice of club does not have to be! That’s why we talked to several people from all sorts of backgrounds to find out about their favorite locations to go out in Vienna. We hope you enjoy our little guide to Vienna’s nightlife. Have fun and drink responsibly 😉

Travel Shack

Travelshack Vienna

© by Travelshack Vienna, source: Instagram

The Travel Shack proclaims to be “Vienna’s #1 Party Bar” – and to be fair – they have a point in doing so. The crowd is probably the most diverse in the city, ranging from locals to students, backpackers and international expats. A definite plus is that there is always something happenin. That’s right – 7 days a week! Obviously, it’s less crowded on a Monday than on a Saturday, but since one of the biggest hostels in the city is less than 10 minutes walking distance, you will always find some people there who don’t give a f*** about what day of the week it is. And we all know from personal experience that this is the best type of people to party with)

The location is close to several student accommodations in the 15th and 6th districts and the underground station Westbahnhof is just around the corner. The bar offers a wide range of games and activities such as karaoke, hammering a nail into a piece of wood (yes – Austrian’s are weird) and a very creative selection of shots (for example, one of them includes putting a construction helmet on and getting punched on your head). Furthermore, the prices are reasonable, there are always some special offers, there is no entrance fee and you order in English at the bar since most of the staff are expats and travelers themselves. Who knows – if you love the place you might even be able to get a job there)

Ride Club

Ride Club

© by Ride Club, source: Facebook

Ride Club is another popular party location amongst international students. This is mostly due to the famous Erasmus party night every Monday where you get free entry and ridiculously cheap cocktails and longdrinks. Early birds can get them for 0,50€ from 7-8 p.m. After that you pay 1€ more per cocktail / longdrink every hour and from 11 p.m. onwards they are 3,50€ all night. The prices speak for themselves and there is not much to add. There are other cheap special offers all week and the club is easily accessible since it’s right !underneath! the metro line U6.



© by Pratersauna, source: Instagram

After being reopened recently, the new Pratersauna still has to prove itself amongst most Viennese clubbers. The events range from various club nights to student parties and the prices and entrance fees are in the higher range of Viennese club standards. The club is located in the 2nd district next to the famous Prater and accessible with the U2. The biggest plus is the outdoor area which includes a nice garden and a pool to swim in, which makes it a great location for the warmer days soon to come. So don’t forget your swimmers or just go skinny dipping and make sure to arrive and go home early (not on the same day of course) to make the most of it!



© by Judith Wesely, source: Instagram

The famous Flex is one of Vienna’s most iconic clubs. Located right on the Donaukanal (channel of the river Danube which runs through the city ;)) it attracts a mostly alternative crowd but everyone is welcome here. While there is always an entrance fee for the club itself, the café is free of charge most nights of the week (unless there is a live act).

The music ranges from Electro to Drum and Bass, House and Rock on different nights of the week and there are various international artists of all different genres playing regularly. Rumor has it that the sound system is one of the finest all over Europe creating a unique sound quality, especially when you are in the middle of the dance floor. But don’t take our word for it – go (see) hear for yourself 😉



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Just as Ride Club mentioned earlier, there are numerous bars and pubs underneath the metro line U6. The U6 operates on the tracks of an old tramline several meters above ground. Since this architectural landmark has always been called “Stadtbahnbögen”, all the bars along this route, which stretches all the way from Ride Club to Westbahnhof, are summed up as “Stadtbahnbögen” as well. No worries, you’ll get used to it! Just make sure to specify where to meet up with your friends since one end is approximately 10 minutes by subway from the other! Some of the places we have to mention here include The Loft, Club Auslage, Chelsea and B72.

Another party hotspot in the city is the famous Schwedenplatz, a square in walking distance from Stephansdom. Easily accessible via U1 and U4, Schwedenplatz is home to a vast number of bars of all kinds and types of music. The best way to explore it is to grab a bunch of friends and have a drink in each of them until you find the right place for you. To have a starting point you could check out Dick Macks which has reasonable pricing and a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, you might have noticed that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer and we all know what the means: No! Winter is not coming! Spring is! and with it vast opportunities to explore a whole different part of the city. Soon all the nice restaurants, bars and cafés along the Donaukanal are opening and the glorious season for outdoor festivals in the city begins. Make sure to stay updated by checking out the facebookpage of Open Airs in Vienna where you can find information on all relevant outdoor events.

Some other locations we don’t want to withhold from you are the Grelle Forelle, the slightly more upscale Passage and Volksgarten (make sure to dress nicely) and the iconic U4. The weekend is just around the corner so get out there and enjoy exploring the dark side of the city!