Getting out of your student room and being active isn’t that difficult. Vienna offers a great range of different running opportunities very close to your dorm room. You can choose between untouched forest paths and asphalted avenues, between royal routes and sightseeing running tours.

Here is a list of our five favorite running spots that you should not miss during your stay in Vienna.

The Ring Road

Running Ring

© by Karin Polak, source: Instagram

A lot of cities envy Vienna for the outstanding street that surrounds the inner district of Vienna. It was build by famous Emperor Francis Joseph the 1st, who reigned longer than Queen Elizabeth did so far. The Ring Road is home to a vast number of historical buildings such as the state opera or the Parliament. If you want to leave your student room and get a good glimpse of the city, take a run over the Ring Road like Sigmund Freud did daily to recreate. The best time to go for a run around the Ring Road is in the evenings. Get off at “U2 Schottenring” and go for the 5,2 km long road. Do it 4 times and you can call yourself a half marathon man.

The Danube Channel

Five beautiful running spots in Vienna - Donaukanal

© by Carlotta Maggie Martellato, source: Instagram

The Danube Channel couldn’t be any different to the Ring Road. It is a former arm of the Danube and has been serving as a regulated water channel for more than 400 years now. Running up and down on either side of the channel is as relaxing alternative to staying at your student room. You will cross a number of cafés, recreational areas, and stunning graffiti. Before leaving your student room you have to know though that you are certainly not alone here. The Danube Channel is full with joggers, skaters, and especially cyclists. Leave your cosy dorm room behind and head to “U4 Schwedenplatz”. The Channel is more than 10 km long, so space enough to train your skills.

If your dorm room is in “WIHAST Forsthausgasse”, “home4students Große Schiffgasse”, or “ÖJAB Haus Niederösterreich” there is no excuse to remain inactive. The Danube Channel is not more than several hundred meters away from your student house.

Schönbrunn Park

Five beautiful running spots in Vienna - Schoenbrunn

© by Graciela Berrios-Silva, source: Instagram

Schönbrunn Palace is probably the most famous place for tourists to visit. We will not talk about the stunningly beautiful palace here, but about the park. The park doesn’t only offer the worlds oldest zoo with all sorts of animals and shows, but more interestingly it offers vast allées with beautiful trees and enough space and diversion for joggers. Once you have left your dorm room and dare to take a look left and right while running, you will be greeted by one of 32 statues representing deities and virtues which are spread around the park. To take this royal run on royal soil you need to get off at “U4 Schönbrunn”.

If your student dorm is “home4students Ullmannstraße”, “City Life Apartments”, or “ÖJAB Haus Meidling” you’re not even 2 km away and can start your run directly off your dorm room. For more information see the student room list below.


Five beautiful running spots in Vienna - Prater

© by Reagan Aylmer, source: Instagram

Prater is not only a huge amusement park with the famous Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel, it is also the green lung of the city and fortunately surrounded by a lot of dorms. If you seek companionship while you get out of your dorm room to run, the Prater is your place. Centered is the “Hauptallee” which is lined with gorgeous horse chestnut trees that serves as the main artery of the Park. With its 4,4 km of straight concrete road it serves perfectly as a training field for all sorts of joggers.

Linked Living”, “Milestone”, and “Akademiker Hilfe” are close by student dorm opportunities.

Tiergarten Lainz

Five beautiful running spots in Vienna - Lainzer Tiergarten

© by Stefan Janko, source: Instagram

This is the perfect spot to leave your student room behind and get lost in the wild. If you are not disturbed by many climbs and searching for a quiet place outside your dorm, the Tiergarten Lainz is definitely worth a try. It provides asphalted path aswell as untouched forest routes that can even bring you close to boars. Those untouched areas can be a good variation from sometimes seemingly monotonous stretches like the Donauinsel or the main avenue of the Prater and or course your student room. The routes can be chosen as desired. It is possible to take rounds of half, two or even three hours. So enough flexibility for all sorts of joggers occasionally leaving their student dorm.

If your dorm happens to be at the student house “ÖJAB Europahaus” it makes you a predestinated “Tiergarten Runner” since it`s only several hundred meters away from the park.