About home4students - Höfergasse

Ladies, if you prefer to remain among yourselves, then this is the right place. Höfergasse 13 is designated for female students only! There’s plenty of privacy, no silly discussions about football or empty beer bottles lying around either. The cosy atmosphere of this smaller dormitory will make you feel safe and comfortable.

Key pickup:

* On-site, after appointment

Additional costs:

* Administration fee: 60,00€
* Lump-sum for general damages: 20,00€
* Lump-sum for the provision of the internet: 20,00€

All bills included in room price!

24 hour check in
Air condition
Bar & Bistro
Bedding provided
Bicycle storage
Cleaning service
Community area
Passive House
Cooking facilities
Fully accessible
Guests allowed
In-room TV
In-room internet
Laundry facilities
Pets allowed
Sport facilities
Dishes provided
Single Room
€399.00 / month
Description: Single room, standard equipped, in-room wifi, TV, etc. Shared bathroom!
People per room: