What You Wanted To Ask.

What is Dormy?

Dormy is an online platform through which you can not only discover and book accommodations via a safe and easy online process but also use plenty of different additional services. The best thing about it: you can use Dormy from anywhere in the world. Our team will find the best solution with all concerns about your new home.

What kind of relation do users have to Dormy?

Dormy acts as a mediator for your accommodation contract for a fee, but is not a contractual party to the actual accommodation contract supplied via our online platform. When the online booking form is sent, a mediation agreement is concluded between the user and Dormy.

Where can I read the general terms and conditions

General Terms Of Service

With whom and when do I conclude a contract?

The accommodation contract itself is concluded with a declaration of agreement directly between the accommodation provider and the user. A mediation agreement is concluded between you and Dormy when the online booking form is sent.

Can I visit the accommodation before I make a booking request?

Unfortunately this is not possible but we ensure to describe the accommodation in detail and illustrate it on pictures the best way we can. If you have any further questions you can always get in touch with us and we’ll help you.

Is it possible to get in touch with my prospective roommates?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We don’t know exactly to whom or even if the other rooms are rented. However, we ensure to considerate the sex and to avoid mixed rooms, unless it’s expressly designated as such.

Can I read the accommodation contract before I make a booking request?

We try to provide you a sample of your accomodation contract before your booking request but there are sometimes changes in the contracts depending on your request (e.g. summer contract, different periods, international student). You should find it in the additional information box on the detail page of each dormitory. If you have any questions regarding your contract just get in touch with us.

Service fee – reservation fee – reservation deposit

Service fee: The Service fee is a once-only payment to Dormy for our comprehensive services once the accommodation contract has been successfully concluded. Our job is to process the query, check completeness of the documents, register you as a user and act as a mediator for the accommodation. But that’s not all, we also help you with any issues – just give us a call or write us an e-mail. The amount of our Service fee is stated on our website. First Rent: The First rent (reservation fee) is to be used by the accommodation provider as a rental payment for the first month when the accommodation contract is concluded. The First rent (reservation fee) is paid in amount of a monthly rental directly via our online platform. Security deposit: If your accommodation provider requests a Security deposit (reservation deposit), you have to pay the amount stated in the respective advertisement when the accommodation contract is concluded.

Can I chose specific move-in and move-out dates? Is there a minimum duration of stay?

This depends entirely on your accommodation provider and what the accommodation contract provides. Many properties have fixed move-in and move-out dates that correspond with academic calendar but most of them are rather flexible. Especially in summer season it is often possible to book just for a month.

I would like to move out earlier – is that possible?

If you want to move out earlier than your accommodation contract provides then you will have to get in touch with your accommodation provider but of course you can always contact us and we will help you figure something out.

How do I book my perfect accommodation?

It’s easy to get started booking an accommodation! Search through Dormy’s comprehensive list of properties. If you found your perfect room just send a booking query. As soon as the completed online booking form has been received by Dormy together with the documents requested by the accommodation provider and payments have been made to the account of Dormy, Dormy will confirm the receipt of the booking query to you by e-mail.

I have sent a booking query. How long do I have to wait for an answer?

The accommodation provider will endeavor to respond to incoming booking queries within 2 working days (Monday to Friday, excepting public holidays).

What’s the minimum age to book a room?

If you want to book an accommodation you have to declare that you are aged 18 or over. If the you’re not yet 18 years old, a legal representative must grant his express approval for each booking for accommodation or order for another service.

Can I use Dormy if I am no student?

Basically it depends on the accommodation provider and you can filter it on our search page. If you have a specific request just let us know and we’ll try to find a solution.

Can I make multiple booking requests at the same time?

Of course this is possible, but please consider that we have to account the payments for every single booking request.

Friends of mine also used Dormy but the Service fee was higher/lower. Why?

The amount of the Service fee correlates with the duration and costs of your stay to ensure a fair cost structure.

Which personal data of mine is necessary?

We need your basic personal information such as: name, address, age, account data etc.

The accommondation provider needs some “scanned” personal documents of mine. Is this also possible without a scanner?

Yes, a well legible picture is also fine.

My booking query has been accepted. What’s next?

We will send you your booking data and inform you about the next steps. It’s important for you, to arrange your moving-in. If required by the accommodation provider you also have to sign the accommodation contract and send it back. Just remember to handle the next steps in an appropriate amount of time.

The accommodation provider rejected my booking query. Is this possible?

Yes, in general the accommodation provider is entitled to reject booking queries without stating any reasons. Of course you will be fully refunded and we will notify you of the rejection immediately and help you to find alternatives. But don’t worry - it happens pretty much never.

Can I cancel my booking?

This depends entirely on your accommodation provider. Please read your accommodation contract first and remember: The earlier you let us know the more easily we can find a solution.

How do I pay?

We offer you different methods of payment. You can chose between credit card and immediate transfer. If you want to pay with a credit card, we will initially authorize the amount due from the card stated and will only charge you if the accommodation provider accepts your request. If you choose immediate transfer we will charge you the total amount with your booking request and will refund you the total amount if the accommodation provider does not accept your request.

Why and when do I get a personal user account?

After the accommodation provider has accepted your booking query we provide you with a personal user account and profile. It is protected against access by unauthorized persons via an access control system: your user name and password. We send your user name and password by e-mail to your declared address. Please protect your account and keep your access data secret – don’t make it available nor communicate your username or password the to third parties.

I’m afraid my personal user account got hacked or a misuse has occurred. What should I do about it?

If you suspect, that a third party knows your password or any other misuse has occurred, please change your password immediately and report any misuse to ask@dormy.at via e-mail.

Is my data protected?

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Does Dormy use cookies?

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