About Us

Things You Always Wanted To Know.

Dormy is the worlds first online booking platform to find your perfect dorm or student accomodation in a foreign city. It’s a project from students for students marked by it’s usability and plenty of extraordinary additional services. So let’s take away your uncertainties and get things straight concerning your stay.

We are the founders of this service: Julian Bauer and Raphael Haas. The idea for Dormy was born in our first week abroad as exchange students when we recognized, that it was much harder than expected to find a nice as well as an affordable dorm and to orient ourselves alone in a totally new environment. Dormy can help you to save these troubles.

During the last years we worked with more than 40 dorms and student housing providers in different price categories. Because of this know-how, these important relations, our own experiences and the fact that we were students ourselves, we know exactly, what you expect from your perfect dorm. Furthermore we cooperate with the software engineers of Specific Group, renowned for their experience and expertise.

But remember: Dormy is more than only a booking platform! After we found your perfect dorm our team provides also a local support for you: You can book our taxi driver, who can pick you up at the airport 24/7 with a luxury limousine. Furthermore we can help you to open an account at a local bank while our online blog shows you where to find the nearest coffee shop, the best restaurant in town and lots of other hotspots and great deals.

So don’t hesitate: Let’s help you find the perfect dorm to make your stay unforgettable! It’s just one more click.